Kitchen Time: Cereal Saves Lives.

I'm pretty sure everyone already knows how good graze boxes are, but I just got a bunch of the Breakfast Variety boxes in and they have basically saved my life, so I wanted to give them a shout out.
Since I left my day job, I've been pretty out of routine. I keep forgetting to eat, and having random sachets of cereal around has saved my bones through many a hAnGry creative blockage in the past few weeks.
YUM. Actually the orange ones aren't that good but thats possibly just because I hate orange. Rocky Road is where the money is. Cereal is literally the best snack. I recently discovered that I might only think that because my parents are firm believers in the "if you are hungry have a bowl of cereal" method of raising children, but I'm going to stand behind it. I have a bowl of this stuff before bed every night and the variety of these boxes keeps it interesting. Alpen, I mean its good but after half a box I get a bit bored.
This was a really boring blog about cereal brought to you by GRAZE.


Celebrate for it is Caturday.

Just a heads up I'm out of town until Thursday the 24th July ~ all store purchases will be shipped when I return. Thanks and have a great week!

Shooting For: Oh Squirrel

Oh Squirrel
I've been shooting for the every wonderful Oh Squirrel a lot this Summer, and she boy has she had a busy time cranking out wonderful new designs and what not. So busy she has even had me helping out as her studio assistant, which obviously, is an absolute joy. I love making badges.

She has been updating her store like woah with these new products and I wanted to share some of the photographs we worked together on.
Oh Squirrel

Oh Squirrel

These new tiny hen party badges are adorable, both spotty and stripey.
Oh Squirrel
Oh Squirrel
I love the new selection of fabrics she has chosen for these travel card cases.
Oh Squirrel
Piles and piles of witty fabric tags. I like this unicorn one.
Oh Squirrel
And check out these cool totes! These aren't up in the store, but if you want one just drop Katie an email and she will sort you out.
She's a pretty Squirrel as well. Reet good.

You can see more from Oh Squirrel on her website, or shop directly from her etsy store.  If you or someone you know are looking for someone to help their products pop online with some new photographs, please get in touch. I'm available for this kind of thing and would love to get involved!

July Moodboard

I know how you felt last Summer.

Shop Talk: Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards
While I was cleaning out my workspace, I found a few sets of greeting cards left over from the old etsy store. I REALLY love these cards, and thought it would be a shame to not offer them up.
Greeting Cards
These are now listed in store and ready for you to share with your loved ones! 2 sets, 3 cards in each. These are printed beautifully on lovely matt card, and are blank inside so you can use them for any occasion. Each card comes with a plain brown recycled envelope, ready for you to send all over the world.

You can never have too many cards on stand by, can you now! I only have 3 sets left, and they are marked down to £4 for 3 cards.

Get shopping!

At Home: Workspace Update

A few weeks ago I spoke about how my now full-time workspace was in dire need of an update. It was yellow, messy, dark.. basically it looked like this:
What a shambles. After a full day of painting, a trip to Ikea and a morning spent shuffling things about, it now looks like this:
Much nicer. I now have two good surfaces to stack things/work on - this large set of shelves from Ikea is perfect as a second workspace/place to put printers and scanners, as well as storing all of my general bits and pieces.
I love these baskets which fit into the shelves perfectly, for keeping things tidy that I don't want the cat to sleep on (because he will.)
I've always found it impossible to leave a wall blank, so there are things everywhere. I added this picture shelf which is handy for stashing camera's above my desk, along with other trinkets. The clip board has my business plan within eyesight to remind me to keep my eye on the prize, and my pin board holds tickets of shows I've been to because I think its important to remember I'm here to ENJOY MYSELF.
Something I really wanted to focus on was storage solutions - I have a small set of drawers which neatly slots under my desk for paperwork, and some big card boxes from Ikea to store photographic negatives in stacked up beside my desk. I think this hanging rail with baskets is handy for freeing up surfaces.
I sent a snapchat to a pal when I was done and she pointed out there wasn't anything dead on the wall, so I promptly hung these deer feet coat hooks I found in Greenwich Market recently.
(also, Ravenclaw 4 life yo)

A few more details - check out my bad ass sound system, its a tin full of films waiting to be processed with my phone in it which surprisingly works quite well in terms of amplification. Keepin' it real. I did happen to be listening to One Direction when I shot these though so maybe not.
You might have noticed a theme here. I'm not ashamed.

I have legitimately found a use for most of my vintage tin collection - finally, validation! Handy for storing small bookmaking supplies.
I've started each day since I became self employed by setting out my intentions on this little black board.  It helps me stay focused and setting a goal for each day that is an over-all feeling rather than a single task feels more productive and satisfying.
It's still kind of dark in here as we only have on window, but being white has made such a huge difference. Ironically, Matthew's side of the room is now the messy side, so I've spared you that.
Check out my workspace ideas brainstorming blog post over here!

Travel Diary: Beach Times in New Zealand

Earlier in the year I made my bi/annual trip home to New Zealand, this time to shoot a wedding down on the Coromandal Peninsula - probably one of my favourite places on earth. I got these rolls back from the lab and it really does look like I spent my entire holiday on the sun soaked beaches, laying about like a happy fur seal. Which isn't too far off. We did a lot of driving and probably saw more of the Coromandal than I have since 1999 (the summer of, when I spent 3 weeks asleep on a beach drinking beer and sketching coastlines - good times.)
The Coromandal is a pretty cool part of the world. Originally popular with gold miners and kauri plunderers (that's a word right) its pretty much these days a hub of tourists and hippies, people who don't want to live in Auckland but don't want to be too far from the city (its about a 2/3 hour drive or you can get a ferry) - frankly its the perfect place to set up a little home and never. ever. leave.
We spent a week in Whangamata, before heading up coast a bit to Hahei for a few days - from here you can hike to actual Narnia aka Cathedral Cove, they shot some of Prince Caspian there - its one of the most magical places in the world. Last time I visited I was joined by a pod of around 200 dolphin friends for breakfast.
After this we drove around the coast to Whitianga so I could visit some old school friends, had some fish and chips in Coromandal Town, then stopped in Thames before heading home. I love the buildings in Coromandal Town and Thames, such great signage.
After this we spent some time in the city - but I only took photographs of the ocean, because you can do that in Auckland.
And a shipping yard we walked past...
One of my all time favourite places in the AKL is Muriwai - a beach I basically grew up on during my high school years (because it was the 1990s and we all loved the surfer boys) - we popped along to catch the end of the gannet season. Love a gannet!
That west coastline takes my breath away every time.

This post is getting ridiculous so I'll wrap it up with some of the beaches more local to my parent's house - we spent a day out at Mangawhai and Goat Island. Both top spots during the week when there are no other humans around.
At this point I'm asking myself why I moved so far away from all of this. But that's life isn't it.

Some of these were featured in a guest post I did for the wonderful For the Easily Distracted a few weeks ago, thanks to Rhianne for letting me take over her blog! I shot all of these with my Yashica TL Electro on .. misc 35mm film.